Thursday, March 5, 2009


Not too much going on in Feb, but I was still busy.  The kids had to make their valentine boxes for school.  I got a picture of Ariel's, but not Joseph's.   Ariels theme was "Love bugs"  so we have a lady bug.  Josephs theme was "I Love America"  so we did a baseball.  (It's an American sport)  

Then Washington and I went to dinner for Valentines day on the 13th.  It was nice because we just walked into the restaurant and there was no 3 hour wait.  wooohooooo!  We went to McGrath's Fish House in Orem.  We loved it! 
Then it was science project time.  Josephs topic was "Your Teeth and What You Drink".  We took 8 teeth and put them in Water, Apple Juice, Gatorade, 7-Up, Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, and Mountain Dew.  The results....  Apple Juice made the root mushy,Gatorade made the tooth whiter but made the root BRIGHT LIME GREEN, 7-up tooth was whiter, Coke tooth was extremely BLACK, Diet Coke it was a very dark brown, root beer it was brown and Mt. Dew the tooth stayed whited but decayed.  The dark sodas and apple juice decayed the teeth the most.  
Next came my Grandma's funeral in Idaho.  Just my family went.  We flew up late Wednesday night and flew home butt crack of dawn early Friday.  So here is a pic of the 6 of us.

Then to finish off the month was Ariels baptism.  Here are a few pictures of Washington, Ariel and Joseph before the baptism (at their house).  

So from moving pictures 2 got lost...  oh well. 
So that was last month...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ariel in her baptism dress and 2 of Joseph

Why cant this be easy to put pics in?   i tried to put these pictures on here one day for 4 hours and then said forget it!  so here they are now...   I took a bunch of Ariel in her baptism dress.  Joseph never likes to be in pictures and when he is he is making hand signs or funny faces...  so here are 2 good ones.  i would have had a few of him by the tree but as he was getting under the tree snow fell down his shirt and so he went inside.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Pictures...

As if december is not expensive enough, january has 500 birthdays...  
So here is Joseph opening Legos from my parents.  For his birthday he also go a girft card to build a bear workshop, he had a friend stay over and they watched a movie and we went out for pizza, and he also wanted to go see a movie, so we did that too.  His b-day was Jan 9 and he turned 11.  
The 14th is my good friend Zaneta's
Then Ashley's was January 16th.  I gave her the day off (she just studied and went to school - boring)  I took her kids and "my" kids to the Draper Temple Open House.  I remembered my camera case, but left the camera at home.  GO ME!  :)   Then we had a nice lunch at costco.  I love how you can feed 6 people, including ice cream for dessert, for only $9.50.  woohooo!  :)
Tomorrow is my little midget brothers.
Washington's is January 28th.
last is Ariel's on the 31st.  She will be 8 this year, so anyone in UT, come for her baptism (not that you know her, but for me.  It will be 28 Feb, I don't know what time yet...)

Also, here are pictures of the deadly icicles, and the snow after a few days of it melting.  

I thought i had pictures of Ariel making cupcakes - with the party set she got for Christmas, but it looks like they got erased...  i'll look for them another day.

hope all is well everywhere.

December Pictures

Why cant they make it easier to post thing and put pictures in?  i have been trying to make this work for 96 hours now(or so it feels like).  forget it!  here are december pictures...   

1. joseph excited for slippers - now he can stop wearing mine!!!  wooohoooo!!!!!!  :)
2. joseph with his guitar
3. on oh his many K'nex sets - i think he got 3 for Christmas...

4. Ariel made out in the "kitchen" department.  Pillsbury bake set,
5. Blender and shake maker 
6. Cupcake party set (makes good cupcakes) 
       other kitchen items include an easy bake oven and cupcake make

7. ariels bike
8. josephs bike
9. the tree and bikes

10. Here are the kids at the Provo Temple.  Joseph, Mauricio (Washington's cousins kid - he was visiting from Puerto Rico) and Ariel.

(now watch it not post....)  ok so here is Dec


Monday, January 5, 2009

time! whats that?

So here we go!
Nov 16 - I turned 21 again.  Day started out crappy but ended good
Thanksgiving - we went to my sisters house for dinner.  it was good
Nov 21-23 - we went to syracuse to visit our friends.
Sometime in here we got the first REAL snow.  i am sure i made a lot of people mad for driving soooo slow.  this was the 1st time i had ever really driven in snow. 
Dec 12-14 Syracuse friends came to see us
Dec 18 - Washington's cousins son came from Puerto Rico for 3 weeks - he is mostly staying with friends in SLC
Dec 20 - back to syracuse for the sons bday party
Dec 24 - up to SLC for christmas dinner with other friends of Washington.  kids opened some presents there.
on the way home I was driving - between sandy and lehi i hit a HORRIBLE storm.  i couldn't see 20 feet in front of the car. there was heavy thick snow and strong strong winds!  it took 45 - 60 minutes to drive about 10 miles.
Dec 25 - when we got back to Washington's at about 1 am the kids opened their presents - Joseph got a bike and guitar, then small things, legos, clothes, slippers (now he can stop wearing mine)  Ariel got a bike, easy bake oven, cupcake maker, build a bear workshop gift card, clothes...
Dec 28-31 - Washington's cousin came to stay with him.  We took him to provo and mt timp temples, a few trips to costco, the mall.  not too much since there was snow everywhere.  i hate this stuff already!
Dec 31 - We went to Syracuse it was fun but i was getting sick
Jan 1  - i woke up and i was sick sick sick!!!!!!! i just wanted to go home and go to bed.  it took 3 hours to leave!  i was CRANKY!
Jan 2 - i stayed in bed
Jan 3 - I had a "i want to go back to bed, i am not in the mood for life today" day
Then today  Jan 4 - guess what it is SNOWING again!  

there are about 500,000 other things but hey, i dont have internet and i havent had time to go to my sisters for too long lately.

hope everyone had a great christmas and wonderful new years.

8 things...

8 TV Shows I like to watch:
(when is there time to watch TV is what I want to know...)
1. ER (i've seen 1 this season)
2. Law & Order: SVU 
3. Medium
4. The Bachelor (good thing my sister tivos this - i might get to watch this season)
5.  CSI Vegas (havent seen it in forever though - is it still on?) 
6.  what else do i watch?
7.  not a TV person....
8.  i always watch the news...  to see if i an going to have to shovel the driveway again...  does that count?

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. Went to church
2. made omelets for breakfast
3. dinner was roast
4. used my new hair dryer - my old one broke after 10 yrs friday
5. Was glad i didn't have to shovel any driveways
6. almost slipped in ice in the church parking lot
7. washington fell asleep at 8 - so i put the kids to bed then went home.
8. read before bed

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. PF Changs
2. XXX (I think thats what its called - its a Columbian restaurant in NY)
3. In & Out
4. Spaghetti factory
5. macaroni grill
6. California Pizza Kitchen
7. Mu
8. Rosies

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. Washington's divorce to be final!
2. Getting married when ever #1 happens
3. spring
4.  better yet, SUMMER!!!!
5. Puerto Rico
6.  not being snowman white
7.  a snow blower  (that would be nice!) 
8. being done with school (but first getting residency so i can go back...)

Tag, anyone!