Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our FUN weekend!

It started out Friday, by Washington and I getting a calling.  Joseph's primary teacher.  We have the Valiant 10 & 11s.  (They are combined here).
 As soon as the Bishop walked out we had some visitors...
The Mendoza's...
Friends from Spanish fArk.

The 3 of us (adults) talked and the 5 kids played...

Then we went to dinner, we tried to go to Ponco and Lefty, but after a fully-full parking lot we ended up here...

Home, sleep, work for me, then since I miss this...
we went to the Cal-Poly vs. SUU game (thanks Saga)

Since the kids did not whine the whole time like last year, after the game and dinner we went here...
Washington: Berry something alone
Nicole: Oreo cream with Oreos
Joseph: Vanilla Bean with Kit-Kat and Twix
Ariel: Cotton Candy with Resee's Peanut Butter Cups (she loves that Yuck!)

Then church on Sunday.  They called us to our calling, after Joseph realized what happened, when we explained to him we were his teachers, he said "Man, I should have opposed".  No worries, we will only be his teacher for 4-5 Sundays.  (The ward is so big all teacher callings have 2 couples  teaching.)

That was our weekend
This weekend, the parents come.

The MAGIC of girls jeans...

Ok, maybe they were in the boys department, but to me skinny jeans are girls jeans! ...

So last Thursday Joseph left school with no friends, not one!  Friday and Monday was Fall Break.  Well Saturday we went to a football game, then out for ice cream then to Old Navy.  I have told Joseph may times I would not buy him girls jeans.  He bamboozled his dad into getting them.  Today he comes home from school;  he is now the most popular kid at school, 75 "women" asked for his phone number, his teachers told him not to worry about his grades the rest of the year, as they will ALL give him A's, etc.

If I knew girls jeans would make him the "cool kid on campus" I...  well...   ummm....  Maybe I will send him in a pink dress tomorrow?

(When I googled skinny jeans only women showed up... i rest my case.  I had to google men's skinny jeans to get this picture)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 down, 2 to go, and life-in-general

This semester is already 1/2 over.  :)  I don't know how. I feel like it just started a week or two ago.  So that's good!  Mid-term's wise I have already taken two, they were the easy two though.  So 2 more, math and history.  Math, I'm a little worried about the test, but we have sooooo much homework in that class (which is do it and get the points type of work) and extra credit all the time, that I have 105% in that class.  :)  History, 40% is multiple choice, he has given us all the the questions on our notes, but 60% is essay.  We have the 3 questions we can choose from  but I can't decipher what language the big words are in. 
The kids have decided lately, they like to be in trouble.  Joseph with acts and Ariel with her sassy mouth.  I think they are loving their rooms.  Ariel said she is tired of sitting on her bed.  I told her she could get a bucket and scrub her walls. (I don't know what she would be washing off since they were painted 4 months ago, but that is something to do, right?)  The TV on the other hand is getting lonely and mighty dusty.  Washington thought they needed some time out of the house yesterday and took them on a bike ride, they made it 1/4 mile before they complained it was "too hot" (it was 75*), and they were thirsty, and their legs hurt.  Ten minutes later they were back in their rooms.
In September we had some friends come stay with us from Friday to Sunday.  Ten people and a puppy in our tiny little home.  That Friday night we bar-b-qued, went swimming and watched a movie.  Saturday I went to work and they went up to Zion National Park.  It was free park weekend, so the place was crowded.  Then we had Ecuadorian and Peruvian Ceviche.  MMMMM!!!!!!  Sunday had to be my favorite though, I didn't have to make pancakes, waffles, or french toast, since our guest took over the kitchen.  :)       Then this last week my sisters-ex-sister-in-law and her two kids stayed over at our house on their way to California.  For anyone who reads this, that is making that SLC to CA trip, remember we are now the 1/2 point and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when people come visit.  In the four months we have been here I think we have had 5-6 over night guests/families, most making the trip home.  So let me know, it's always good to see old friends and family.
After trying to submit second sealing approval for 6 months in our old ward, we got everything turned in today in our new ward.  It took us an hour to fill everything out and write the letter.  It makes me wonder what the hold up was before...  Before we started asking for the paperwork in January or February, never got it.  We asked the bishop here 2 Sundays ago, he dropped it off that Thursday.
We enjoyed conference last weekend.  The boys enjoyed Priesthood while Ariel and I went shopping.  (her allowance was  burning a hole in her pocket).  But as always, we enjoyed the (second) best thing about conference weekend, conference potatoes.  Basically just cheesy breakfast potatoes (not hash-browns) with sausage in them.  We always had them growing up, I made them once 2 years ago and haven't been allowed not to make them since.

Our ward, still amazing.  Today 3 people (who know the kids somehow, 2 of Ariel's bus friends and 1 of Josephs friend's) introduced themselves to me, I met one of my visiting teachers (from the 3 of us all working and going to school we have never met, just phone calls and cookies), and two other people.  I can't keep any of them straight, but the welcome feeling is there every Sunday.  Ariel gave a talk today in Primary.  I was called yesterday afternoon, the original child had to go out of town.  I am thankful for primary talks being on the internet.  I don't know where the time would have come from to think of something for her.
Other then all that nothingness, not much is going on here.