Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The MAGIC of girls jeans...

Ok, maybe they were in the boys department, but to me skinny jeans are girls jeans! ...

So last Thursday Joseph left school with no friends, not one!  Friday and Monday was Fall Break.  Well Saturday we went to a football game, then out for ice cream then to Old Navy.  I have told Joseph may times I would not buy him girls jeans.  He bamboozled his dad into getting them.  Today he comes home from school;  he is now the most popular kid at school, 75 "women" asked for his phone number, his teachers told him not to worry about his grades the rest of the year, as they will ALL give him A's, etc.

If I knew girls jeans would make him the "cool kid on campus" I...  well...   ummm....  Maybe I will send him in a pink dress tomorrow?

(When I googled skinny jeans only women showed up... i rest my case.  I had to google men's skinny jeans to get this picture)

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