Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jack-O-Lanterns :)

Last night I realized how lucky I was to have grown up in CA (well anywhere outside of NYC)...  The kids had NEVER carved a pumpkin.  Washington told me that not too many people do that there, in fact they buy them carved already.   Washington and I did most of the work, the kids drew and we carved...

Ariel did not like the way the insides felt...  she said EWWWW EWWWW EEEEWWWWWW  the whole time she was taking out the pumpkin guts

Joseph thought it was cool, but didn't care to do it too much.  He took out 2 handfuls and made Washington finish.

Here is Washington, I think he did most of the work.  But he is a great pumpkin carver!  I am glad he puts up with my, lets do this, lets do that lifestyle.  I am glad he always has fun, and a smile while we are going to the kite fest, going to the harvest fest, pointless road trips to thanksgiving point, waterfall trips, picnics - to get there and find out the park is closed for the season, carving pumpkins, etc.

The finished product!  Joseph's is the one on the left, and Ariel's the right (as if you couldn't tell from the heart eyes and nose)

I forgot my sister had more for us to take...  So we may carve a few more tonight!  :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It all started last night...

I was making tacos for the kids and me (we like elbow dripping tacos, Washington likes soft tacos), as they were frying some meat fell out, so it splattered of course. As I went to grab the last taco my finger was splatterd with the HOT oil. OUCH!!!! Second degree burn! :/ So all night I had a bag full of ice attached to my finger.

Last week was conferences for the kids. The bookfair was at the school too. After conferences we went and got the kids one thing each. Ariel wanted a pointer. Washington and I both told her no, but he gave in under the condition that she be careful with it because it could hurt her (we know how she plays with toys like that). Sure enough, five days later...
She was waving the pointer around and running, somehow it poked her in the mouth hard enough to make a tooth loose. She chewed on a bag of ice for about an hour.

Yesterday, while at work, a bag of cement - according to him it was 20lbs. then 50 lbs. then 200 lbs.- fell on his foot. When he got home and took off his shoe, it was a little swollen and all red. So he had a bag of ice too.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our weekend

So I have had this blog for a while now but just dont know what to write... I read others and they always have fun stories; this weekend we... today my kids... etc. I don't really have anything like that, kinda. so here we go!
My weekend
We didn't really do anything fun and exciting, just hang out.
Friday the kids were off from school, but Washington and I both had to work. So we locked them in my house and said don't destroy it. I put tons of food for them out on the table - since they are always hungry. They each had a sandwich, (each a lunch size) bag of chips and cookies, 3 apples, 1 plum, box of cereal, bread and peanut butter. You would think that would be enough for 2 kids that have no fat on them... NOPE!!!! I was wrong! They ate all of the food - 3/4 of the box of cereal, got out the box of cheez-its and ate all of that, 1/2 a box of saltine crackers, found things i had hidden, attempted to make noodles (chili - top ramen), and i am sure they found a few other things. The house where I am now has no furniture, we want to get a house before we go out and buy all of that, so we know it fits and if its an older home, so we wont have to paint to match the furniture. So they kids have found old cardboard boxes. (Isn't that what the kids play with on bdays and Christmas anyway?) The "robots, super hero suits, doll beds, cell phones, etc" (there must be 20 cardboard cell phones floating around the house - all with different features) were all over the house. Some how it had snown when we were at work... there was Styrofoam shred all over the lawn, and well many other things. It's a good thing they have good imaginations! :) But when I told them it was time for them to clean it up, they WHINED (surprise! surprise?????) We had dinner, then went apartment hunting, I have to be out of my house the 1st-ish :( The only one we found that we liked was rented out the day before. So we went back to Washington's and watched a The Polar Express - the kids wanted to watch it...
I got to Washington's about 9 am, the kids were watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Then we went to Wal-mart to exchange Josephs costume - iron man was too small - for batman. Went to lunch and then took the kids trick-or-treating. The little shops on Main street had trick-or-treating for the kids. The had fun. While on our T/T trip we stopped off at cold stone, Washington did not believe there were any ice cream shops in town. The kids loved it, too sweet for him though. After that we went to the park and the kids played for about 1.5 hours. Then dinner and movie.
Got to Washington's early 7:45ish. I had both cars at my house and he needed to take someone to work in Orem by 8:30. He took her and I went back to bed! The kids woke up about 8:45, and Cars was the morning movie. Mid movie, I'm starving (Ariel), blueberry pancakes for breakfast, then the rest of the movie and time to get ready for church. We have been going to the Spanish ward, Joseph WHINES, but we like it there. I don't understand whats going on half the time, but i have met more people there in the 3 weeks i have been there then in the 5 weeks i went to the English ward. Sacrament there are headphones - which only work half the time, Sunday school i have Washington, and RS there is a lady who translates for me. She is my hero on Sundays. After church we went to my house for dinner. Washington picked the lady up from work. We met back at Washington's for the movie of the night, Dumbo.
That was our weekend.
So it's a new week... :)