Saturday, September 18, 2010


Dear Cold,

I do not have time for you right now. Remember how yesterday morning we were friends, you were still following me around but not bothering me, what happened to that relationship? Remember how 2 weeks ago when Ariel had you I told you then I didn't want you? Then last week when Washington had you I reminded you to stay away, remember? I don't mind tending you if you will work for me or do homework for me. While you are at it could you go grocery shopping, clean the house and the cars both need oil changes and safety inspections, could you get that done?


So yes, sick has set in. School was missed on Thursday so that just means more make-up. Washington is good at taking care of things at the house though. I know when I get home today the house will be clean and dinner will be ready. :) Love that church is at 11:30 so I can sleep in tomorrow. But my head is not thinking clearly enough to make the addition/subtraction board, read about 75 pages for history and write 4 - 1 page papers, to write a 4 page paper about the word "reckless", and to make a postcard in a program (pages - mac) that will not convert to the program I need it in (presentation or something - word) (unless I trick it into converting, it doesn't like that though). And Joseph is gone at a scout 100 celebration thing, so Ariel will want to be entertained and Washington will want to wait until I'm home.

Not complaining, just overwhelmed by the mountain right now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long time no NOTHING...

So it's only been about a year and a half sine I have written anything in here. I just kept forgetting or not wanting to. ;) A lot has happened in that year and a half. Washington and I got married June 09, we went to CA in Aug, Then again in December for my grandmas funeral. Had some skin cancer on my nose, so had that removed. We moved to St. George!!! (we are NOT snow people and when it snow September to May, that's beyond too much white crap!)

We LOVE it here! Washington's (graveyard) shift at work was cut, school was out, and the people we rented from wanted to sell. It was the perfect time to just go. We are in an apartment that is about 1000 sq feet smaller then the house we were renting, no garage (we are renting one though) and no crawl space. It was hard to fit everything into the small space, but we did. The kids have loved that there are 2 pools, the big pool (it has a spa and its 5' deep) and the kids pool (beach walk-in, splash pad and only 3'5" deep). The ward is AMAZING!!!!! and HUGE!!! The kids went to visit their mom for two weeks in CA (her dad, aunts uncles, cousins, etc live there). Then my parents went to pick them up and they stayed there for 2 weeks. School shopping and Disneyland were the highlights. (Crazy kids don't like D-land though). They came home and school started the next Wednesday.

I started school for the 100th time 3 weeks ago. So I work 35 hours a week and have 12 credits. Somehow that has all made me less stressed. Go figure! Other then that not too much. (no callings in the ward yet - knock on wood) We are just enjoying life! :D