Saturday, September 18, 2010


Dear Cold,

I do not have time for you right now. Remember how yesterday morning we were friends, you were still following me around but not bothering me, what happened to that relationship? Remember how 2 weeks ago when Ariel had you I told you then I didn't want you? Then last week when Washington had you I reminded you to stay away, remember? I don't mind tending you if you will work for me or do homework for me. While you are at it could you go grocery shopping, clean the house and the cars both need oil changes and safety inspections, could you get that done?


So yes, sick has set in. School was missed on Thursday so that just means more make-up. Washington is good at taking care of things at the house though. I know when I get home today the house will be clean and dinner will be ready. :) Love that church is at 11:30 so I can sleep in tomorrow. But my head is not thinking clearly enough to make the addition/subtraction board, read about 75 pages for history and write 4 - 1 page papers, to write a 4 page paper about the word "reckless", and to make a postcard in a program (pages - mac) that will not convert to the program I need it in (presentation or something - word) (unless I trick it into converting, it doesn't like that though). And Joseph is gone at a scout 100 celebration thing, so Ariel will want to be entertained and Washington will want to wait until I'm home.

Not complaining, just overwhelmed by the mountain right now.

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Valerie said...

Sorry! That is a LOT to get done even if you are well. Be VERY grateful that Washington helps so much. Not every husband is like that! Feel better.