Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It all started last night...

I was making tacos for the kids and me (we like elbow dripping tacos, Washington likes soft tacos), as they were frying some meat fell out, so it splattered of course. As I went to grab the last taco my finger was splatterd with the HOT oil. OUCH!!!! Second degree burn! :/ So all night I had a bag full of ice attached to my finger.

Last week was conferences for the kids. The bookfair was at the school too. After conferences we went and got the kids one thing each. Ariel wanted a pointer. Washington and I both told her no, but he gave in under the condition that she be careful with it because it could hurt her (we know how she plays with toys like that). Sure enough, five days later...
She was waving the pointer around and running, somehow it poked her in the mouth hard enough to make a tooth loose. She chewed on a bag of ice for about an hour.

Yesterday, while at work, a bag of cement - according to him it was 20lbs. then 50 lbs. then 200 lbs.- fell on his foot. When he got home and took off his shoe, it was a little swollen and all red. So he had a bag of ice too.

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