Monday, January 5, 2009

time! whats that?

So here we go!
Nov 16 - I turned 21 again.  Day started out crappy but ended good
Thanksgiving - we went to my sisters house for dinner.  it was good
Nov 21-23 - we went to syracuse to visit our friends.
Sometime in here we got the first REAL snow.  i am sure i made a lot of people mad for driving soooo slow.  this was the 1st time i had ever really driven in snow. 
Dec 12-14 Syracuse friends came to see us
Dec 18 - Washington's cousins son came from Puerto Rico for 3 weeks - he is mostly staying with friends in SLC
Dec 20 - back to syracuse for the sons bday party
Dec 24 - up to SLC for christmas dinner with other friends of Washington.  kids opened some presents there.
on the way home I was driving - between sandy and lehi i hit a HORRIBLE storm.  i couldn't see 20 feet in front of the car. there was heavy thick snow and strong strong winds!  it took 45 - 60 minutes to drive about 10 miles.
Dec 25 - when we got back to Washington's at about 1 am the kids opened their presents - Joseph got a bike and guitar, then small things, legos, clothes, slippers (now he can stop wearing mine)  Ariel got a bike, easy bake oven, cupcake maker, build a bear workshop gift card, clothes...
Dec 28-31 - Washington's cousin came to stay with him.  We took him to provo and mt timp temples, a few trips to costco, the mall.  not too much since there was snow everywhere.  i hate this stuff already!
Dec 31 - We went to Syracuse it was fun but i was getting sick
Jan 1  - i woke up and i was sick sick sick!!!!!!! i just wanted to go home and go to bed.  it took 3 hours to leave!  i was CRANKY!
Jan 2 - i stayed in bed
Jan 3 - I had a "i want to go back to bed, i am not in the mood for life today" day
Then today  Jan 4 - guess what it is SNOWING again!  

there are about 500,000 other things but hey, i dont have internet and i havent had time to go to my sisters for too long lately.

hope everyone had a great christmas and wonderful new years.

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