Wednesday, January 21, 2009

December Pictures

Why cant they make it easier to post thing and put pictures in?  i have been trying to make this work for 96 hours now(or so it feels like).  forget it!  here are december pictures...   

1. joseph excited for slippers - now he can stop wearing mine!!!  wooohoooo!!!!!!  :)
2. joseph with his guitar
3. on oh his many K'nex sets - i think he got 3 for Christmas...

4. Ariel made out in the "kitchen" department.  Pillsbury bake set,
5. Blender and shake maker 
6. Cupcake party set (makes good cupcakes) 
       other kitchen items include an easy bake oven and cupcake make

7. ariels bike
8. josephs bike
9. the tree and bikes

10. Here are the kids at the Provo Temple.  Joseph, Mauricio (Washington's cousins kid - he was visiting from Puerto Rico) and Ariel.

(now watch it not post....)  ok so here is Dec


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