Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Pictures...

As if december is not expensive enough, january has 500 birthdays...  
So here is Joseph opening Legos from my parents.  For his birthday he also go a girft card to build a bear workshop, he had a friend stay over and they watched a movie and we went out for pizza, and he also wanted to go see a movie, so we did that too.  His b-day was Jan 9 and he turned 11.  
The 14th is my good friend Zaneta's
Then Ashley's was January 16th.  I gave her the day off (she just studied and went to school - boring)  I took her kids and "my" kids to the Draper Temple Open House.  I remembered my camera case, but left the camera at home.  GO ME!  :)   Then we had a nice lunch at costco.  I love how you can feed 6 people, including ice cream for dessert, for only $9.50.  woohooo!  :)
Tomorrow is my little midget brothers.
Washington's is January 28th.
last is Ariel's on the 31st.  She will be 8 this year, so anyone in UT, come for her baptism (not that you know her, but for me.  It will be 28 Feb, I don't know what time yet...)

Also, here are pictures of the deadly icicles, and the snow after a few days of it melting.  

I thought i had pictures of Ariel making cupcakes - with the party set she got for Christmas, but it looks like they got erased...  i'll look for them another day.

hope all is well everywhere.

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Zaneta said...

It's about time you posted again! :). Happy New Year, and thanks for the shout out.