Friday, February 13, 2009

Ariel in her baptism dress and 2 of Joseph

Why cant this be easy to put pics in?   i tried to put these pictures on here one day for 4 hours and then said forget it!  so here they are now...   I took a bunch of Ariel in her baptism dress.  Joseph never likes to be in pictures and when he is he is making hand signs or funny faces...  so here are 2 good ones.  i would have had a few of him by the tree but as he was getting under the tree snow fell down his shirt and so he went inside.  


Jaquilyn Shumate said...

She looks beautiful! These are great photos.

Zaneta said...

Such great pics. I miss you guys! Tell the kids "Saaneeta" said hi :)

Valerie said...

What beautiful pictures! I just noticed today that I had a new follower--you. I hadn't seen your blog before so it's fun to find it!