Thursday, March 5, 2009


Not too much going on in Feb, but I was still busy.  The kids had to make their valentine boxes for school.  I got a picture of Ariel's, but not Joseph's.   Ariels theme was "Love bugs"  so we have a lady bug.  Josephs theme was "I Love America"  so we did a baseball.  (It's an American sport)  

Then Washington and I went to dinner for Valentines day on the 13th.  It was nice because we just walked into the restaurant and there was no 3 hour wait.  wooohooooo!  We went to McGrath's Fish House in Orem.  We loved it! 
Then it was science project time.  Josephs topic was "Your Teeth and What You Drink".  We took 8 teeth and put them in Water, Apple Juice, Gatorade, 7-Up, Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, and Mountain Dew.  The results....  Apple Juice made the root mushy,Gatorade made the tooth whiter but made the root BRIGHT LIME GREEN, 7-up tooth was whiter, Coke tooth was extremely BLACK, Diet Coke it was a very dark brown, root beer it was brown and Mt. Dew the tooth stayed whited but decayed.  The dark sodas and apple juice decayed the teeth the most.  
Next came my Grandma's funeral in Idaho.  Just my family went.  We flew up late Wednesday night and flew home butt crack of dawn early Friday.  So here is a pic of the 6 of us.

Then to finish off the month was Ariels baptism.  Here are a few pictures of Washington, Ariel and Joseph before the baptism (at their house).  

So from moving pictures 2 got lost...  oh well. 
So that was last month...

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